What do you need Nanolytics for?

For you, we can supply

  • service measurements on the Analytical Ultracentrifuge and other instruments
  • custom research and support on complex problems.

A powerful Method at your Service

For the first time in the German-speaking region and beyond, one of the most powerful methods for colloid analysis becomes available for service measurements: Analytical Ultracentrifugation is currently experiencing a revival due to the new developments in colloid science and offers a a variety of information on a wide range of systems. Setting up and operating this method is costly and requires specialised and experienced personnel. We offer this method for service measurements at reasonable rates - in addition, you profit from our extensive experience.

Support on Colloidal Problems

In addition, we apply a variety of auxiliary methods and cooperate with partners who provide exceptional expertise on related fields. Are you confronted with a colloidal problem where you don't get ahead? Talk to us. On our own or in cooperation with our partners, we will develop a strategy for the resolution of your problems and will find answers to your questions. You will be provided with analysis and competence, all from one source.

We are Independent

Nanolytics and its partners are not part of chemical corporations. We are all medium-sized enterprises and totally independent. Absolute discretion is guaranteed.