Our top product: Competence

Nanolytics provides more than high end equipment for contract measurements. What we provide is the competence for using this equipment in an efficient and productive way. Characterisation of natural and synthetic polymers is a sophisticated field of science. In specific, Analytical Ultracentrifugation is a complex method, requiring in-depth knowledge and trained personnel, both in technical as in academic work. Both is available in our company: we are experts for AUC and other methods.

Colloidal Analytics: complex and challenging

Recent developments in instrumentation for the determination of particle sizes and masses might lead to understimating the complexity of characterizing colloids. Every physical method has its merits and drawbacks. In many cases, only the combination of various methods yields robust and unambiguous results. Scattering methods, fractionating methods, flow methods, imaging methods are based on different physical principals, alike the view on a three dimensional object from different perspectives – one method allows only one view.

This is why we have always supplemented Analytical Ultracentrifugation, our core competence, with other methods, as Dynamic and Static Light Scattering or size exclusion chromatography (SEC). For instruments that would be uneconomic due to small demand in relation to cost, e. g. electron microscopy, we are supported by a network of excellent external partners.

Analytical Ultracentrifugation (AUC): powerful but complex

AUC reflects the complexity of colloidal analytics in general: application is versatile and complex. Different experiments can be conducted: sedimentation velocity experiments, equilibria, density gradients address different parts of the total parameter set and can be combined for a comprehensive characterization of a system, often without any need for supplemental methods.

AUC is an absolute method. This is boon and bane: all forces and interactions contribute to a measurement, whether desirable or not. Expert knowledge is required to design and conduct experiments according to the target properties. Identifying artifacts and specific features of a system is required in order to avoid misleading interpretation. Combining various experiments for a complete and correct characterization requires expert knowledge. We possess this knowledge.

Our team: independent and passionate

Nanolytics is led by its owner, operating impartially and independently. Our staff is trained in AUC and colloidal analytics and has been inside the matter for years; there is virtually no personnel turnover. Analytical strategies are discussed in team meetings; every report is read by two scientists. We attend to any project with full care, may it appear to be routine. And we accept any challenge, even if we enter uncharted waters.

Our top resource: Experience

For more than 15 years, we have been applying our knowledge in the service of our clients. Encountering their problems, we have been enhancing our experience and gathering more insights on the way. Every job is unique and requires creativity in adapting to the system in question. Thus, we do not only possess expert knowledge – the experience we have accumulated is at your disposal for the benefit of your research as well.

Some of the most distinguished scientists of the field have joined our advisory board and contribute their experience to our work. This applies to methodical procedures, but also to technical enhancements. Our internal developments put the best (in parts unique) AUC at our disposal and have led to the formation of Nanolytics Instruments, a company making some of these developments available to other AUC users.

By internal, discrete research and publications, Nanolytics has established its role as a recognized, creative and inventive company. Nanolytics is more than a contract lab – Nanolytics is on the front edge of further developments in the field of Analytical Ultracentrifugation.

Our experience is available for you in solving your problems. We consider it our mission to provide the best service worldwide in assisting your research. Feel free to contact us!