Rates for service measurements on the Analytical Ultracentrifuge (AUC)

Nanolytics gives you access to modern analytical methods on a sophisticated experimental standard at a reasonable rate. As we merge the demand for Analytical Ultracentrifugation, for example, we can offer you service measurements at a fraction of the costs you would encounter in managing this method in your own lab. In addition, you profit from our expertise and competence.

If you know what experiments you want us to conduct, you can book these at fixed rates (between 600 and 1300 EUR depending on runtime and evaluation efforts).

On the other hand, you can confront us with a complex problem and leave it to us what methods to apply. We will use our instruments as neccessary and cover your analytical problem at a daily rate of 1800 EUR.

Let us know the nature of your problem, and we will provide you with a quote – you will see that the expenses are quickly regained in terms of an accelerated turnover on your side.

Nanolytics is the first laboratory in Germany that makes Analytical Ultracentrifugation commercially available. If you are interested in service measurements, please complete the feedback sheet on on this website.
If you have questions concerning the method, consult the section on basic experiments and related information. On our our scientific website, you can read further information on the theoretical background of Analytical Ultracentrifugation. For more specific requests, feel free to send e-mail!